Aung Ko Latt

Aung Ko Latt is a prolific director, cinematographer, editor, storyboard artist, and musician. He got his start in the 1970s with his brothers in one of the top rock bands in Myanmar – The Brothers band. He recorded over 80 original songs that became popular in the country.

In 1986, Aung left for Japan in order to learn international approaches to music and film technologies and innovations. He joined the Fuji Film Single 8 Cameraman Society and began to learn about cinematography. In 1995, after becoming fluent in the Japanese language, along with fluency in English, he returned to Myanmar and opened his A/V production company. Since then, he has directed, shot, edited and composed for literally hundreds of television commercials, music videos, documentaries and television dramas. In 1999, he completed an intensive film training program at the NY Film Academy.

Aung often travels of Myanmar to upgrade his knowledge on the latest professional camera technology. He became the first director/cameraman to use professional high definition equipment in Myanmar. The film “Kayan Beauties” is his first feature film for international theatrical release.