April 2011

Kayan beauties captured in HD

High-definition (HD) production continues to sweep across the world setting the standard for entertainment. The influence is so pervasive that even a production house in land-locked Myanmar has caught up.


Pioneering Indochina producer Aung Ko Latt, talks Kayan Beauties

Indochina has a proud filmmaking tradition that stretches back to the early days of the 20th Century. With his first HD production, Kayan Beauties, shot on Sony’s CineAlta HDW – F900R, Mr. Latt is forging a 21st Century digital profile for the Indochina production community.

Sony Scan Ebook

'Kayan Beauties' to be screened soon

“KAYAN Beauties” will soon be coming to a movie screen near you, and then to screens across the world, courtesy of veteran movie director Aung Ko Latt. For him, completing this film will mean a 20-year-old dream has come true.

The Myanmar Times

Director pursues Oscar dream

FILM director Aung Ko Latt has spent 20 years of his life trying to create an Oscar-winning Myanmar film.

Determined to succeed as some kind of artist, a young Aung Ko Latt tried his hand at almost everything.

The Myanmar Times