November 2013

Myanmar Film Industry Seminars & Kayan Beauties Previews and Discussions in Japan - November 12-16, 2013

  • U Thein Htun Aung - Administrative Director, Myanmar Motion Pictures Enterprise (MMPE)
  • Grace Swezin Htaik - International Relations Committee Secretary, Myanmar Motion Pictures Organization (MMPO)
  • Aung Ko Latt - Director/Producer/Cinematographer
  • Hector Carosso - Screenwriter/Producer

Meetings and seminars organized and hosted by KK Kyodonews & Japan ASEAN Center will be held at KK Kyodonews Conference Hall, at Japan Institute of the Moving Image (School of Film Studies), at Tokyo Filmex, and at Nihon Kougakuin (Tokyo Creators College).

KK Kyodonews